• Hotel Jaco’s 5 Favorite Lunch Spots in Jaco, Costa Rica

by Charlie Rall

Hotel Jaco is just a block away from the main Jaco, Costa Rica strip where you’ll find an overwhelming number of restaurant options. Jaco has it all from the typical $5 Costa Rican lunch to high end sushi joints. If you’re a travel foodie like us then you’ll want to hit the best couple of spots in town during your visit to get the full range of culinary experiences. Here are our top picks for the best lunch spots in Jaco, Costa Rica:


Jaco Bar is the evening party destination for tourists and locals alike who flock to the live music and extensive cocktail menu. But beyond the bar this spot is home to some of the greatest casual dining on the Jaco strip. It features a mixed menu of American faire and Tico favorites from ceviche to fish tacos to a lineup of massive burgers.


For traditional Costa Rican food look no further than Isaga (located just a street over from Hotel Jaco). Isaga is a local favorite with great prices and a nice menu of traditional Costa Rican staple foods. And, of course, it has a full bar. The restaurant is open air style seating and makes a great lunch spot for the solo traveler or a small group.


Green Room is a bohemian oasis tucked away in the middle of the Jaco, Costa Rica strip. It features live music every night and hosts work from local artists and artisans available for purchase. The dishes tend to be a little on the pricier side (at least for Costa Rica), but their in-house specialties are well worth it. Plus Green Room might be one of the few restaurants that serves brunch in Jaco making it a great spot to cure a hangover or enjoy a leisurely meal with friends.


Vida Hermosa is a quick 10 minute taxi ride from Hotel Jaco. Located right on the beach at Playa Hermosa the views here can’t be beat. The open-air atmosphere creates a beach bar vibe where you can sit under the canopy or enjoy lunch with your feet in the sand. Their menu boasts healthy options like smoothies and rice bowls as well as typical bar food and fresh sushi served on the weekends.


If you’re craving authentic Italian food then you have to visit Amancio’s. This restaurant has a cool, real Sicilian style vibe - a little bit fancy - but don’t let that dissuade you from a casual lunch in shorts and flip flops. Try their fresh, hand tossed wood fired pizzas, but stay for the amazing pasta and steaks.

Ready to take on the food scene in Jaco, Costa Rica? Try one or more of these great lunch spot options when you stay at Hotel Jaco. We’re an all-suite style boutique hotel located right on Jaco Beach and just a block away from all the action on the town strip. Book today!