What to Pack for a Trip to Jaco, Costa Rica
By Charlie Rall

Are you headed to Jaco, Costa Rica for a long weekend? Maybe a week? Longer? Whether you’re here investigating a real estate deal, celebrating a bachelor or bachelorette party, or just looking for a fun, relaxing vacation you’ll find what you need at Hotel Jaco, an all-suite hotel located right on Jaco Beach.

Jaco, Costa Rica brings the best of both worlds together: exciting nightlife and natural wonders. Here you can take an ATV tour through the mountains in the morning, enjoy a leisurely afternoon at the beach, and finish your day with dinner and drinks on the strip. So with so much to see and do, what do you need to pack for your trip to make sure you’re prepared for anything? Check out this quick guide below to learn exactly what to pack for a stay at Hotel Jaco.



Aside from your toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.) your main essential for a trip to Jaco, Costa Rica will be sunscreen! No matter your complexion you’ll want thorough protection from the rays that blast the area all day long. Don’t be fooled by the frequent showers or the rainy season. The sun in Jaco, Costa Rica is intense and unforgiving, especially at the beach. You’ll want to pack two or three travel size sunscreen bottles typically found at places like Target or Walgreens in the states. We recommend an SPF protection of 30 or greater. But no worries, there are plenty of local shops where you can pick up the essentials like sunscreen on the Jaco strip.

Generally the rainy season in Jaco, Costa Rica lasts from mid-May to November. You can still expect plenty of sunshine, but you’ll see frequent showers throughout the day. We recommend packing a small umbrella (which also works great for sun shade) or a light, foldable poncho or rain jacket.



The Tico lifestyle calls for an always casual dress code! You’ll fit right in with a tank top, shorts, and flip-flops. However, there are a few items that might make your life a little easier. First and foremost, bring multiple swimsuits for the beach surf or the relaxing Hotel Jaco pool. Submersible or hybrid material shorts are also a great option for when you want to take a casual stroll through town and don’t know whether or not you’ll want to hit the water for an impromptu splash session later.

Flip flops are acceptable at pretty much every establishment in Jaco, Costa Rica, but you’ll most likely be doing a lot of walking up and down the strip. So we recommend more durable, strappy sandals (like Tevas or Keen style) so you can stroll comfortably and also enjoy excursions like ATV rides and jungle canopy tours safely.



Jaco, Costa Rica is a true paradise where you’ll want to snap as many photos as you can to remember your trip and, of course, make all your friends on Instagram jealous. So bring your phone or a camera. We recommend a waterproof case or enclosure for your phone if you plan to spend any time at the beach or boating on one of Jaco, Costa Rica’s many excursion offerings. For the photography enthusiasts we recommend packing a GoPro or even a small drone like the DJI Mini 2 as there are so many opportunities for amazing shots of the jungle, surf, and city itself.


All packed? Book today with Hotel Jaco for a five star experience on the beach in Jaco, Costa Rica. We have everything you need for an unforgettable trip like our resort style pool, business center, bar area, and so much more.