Top 3 Beaches You Have to Visit While in Jaco, Costa Rica
By Charlie Rall

When you visit Hotel Jaco you’ll find seemingly endless days of sunshine, incredible people, and, of course, beautiful beaches. Nestled into the Pacific side of the country, Jaco, Costa Rica is home to a swath of lovely and unique beaches that feel both far away exotic and welcoming with the same Tico vibe you might find with one of the locals. Whether you’re in Jaco, Costa Rica for the rich nightlife or exciting jungle adventures it is well worth the time to find a bit of relaxation at one of our finest beaches:



Truly steps from Hotel Jaco past a small grove of towering palms you’ll find yourself on Jaco, Costa Rica’s primary beach favorite Jaco Beach. Jaco Beach forms a long sandy arc within a cove that is anchored by rocky points at each end. The main Jaco strip is just a block away from the sand so aside from Hotel Jaco’s backyard you’ll find plenty of access points to the beach between boutique shops and other surfside hotels that line the street. You can walk the entire stretch of the beach where you’ll find spots to lay your towel, hang a hammock, or rent a sun-shaded lounge chair by the day. After a day of lounging and people watching you can rinse off at one of Hotel Jaco’s outdoor showers and settle into the bar to enjoy the sunset over the crashing waves of the Pacific.

Pro-tips: Bring plenty of sunscreen with you to Jaco Beach as it is positioned for intense sun rays. Also, be mindful in the water where the surf gets pretty rough quickly and can thrash you if you’re not an experienced surfer or swimmer.



Just ten minutes up the road by taxi from Hotel Jaco you’ll find one of Jaco, Costa Rica’s awe-inspiring natural gems - Playa Hermosa. Walking the dark grey sand of Playa Hermosa feels like you’ve discovered a secret beach. It’s devoid of most development save for a few surf hostels and restaurants that dot the coastline so it is virtually empty during weekdays. A popular spot for surfers, the waves here are a little more welcoming than Jaco Beach. Bring your beach towel as you’ll want to lay out and enjoy the soothing sounds of the tide, the Macaws flying overhead, and the sweet silence of no crowds!

Pro-tips: Spend an afternoon at the restaurant Vida Hermosa where you can sit at a table on the beach. Feel your toes in the sand and keep the great food and drinks coming.



If you really want to live like a Tico then head over to the secluded Playa Blanca, a favorite hot spot among locals. Here you’ll find the tropical paradise you imagine Jaco, Costa Rica to be - fluffy white sand, turquoise waters, and lofty palm trees. There is no development along the beach and it can be a bit tricky to get to on your own so bring all your beach supplies to spend at least a few hours if not the entire day. The cool waters are much more calm here and most suitable for leisurely swimming and playing.

Pro-tips: Arrive early or visit on a weekday as this is a very popular spot for Jaco, Costa Rica locals and day trippers from San Jose so space can fill up fast!


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